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Mittlerweile wird es wieder kalt. Der Blog hat nun doch einige Zeit geruht. Es war aber klar, dass er früher oder später wieder zum Einsatz kommt. Er rattert nun stoisch seit 2010 herum, was für digitale Verhältnisse ein nicht mal schlechter Schnitt ist. Parameter wie inhaltliche Ausrichtung, Regelmäßigkeit der Einträge und subkultureller Wert unterliegen unvorhergesehenen oder auch kalkulierten Schwankungen. Nichtsdestotrotz bleibt das hier ein wichtiges Sammelbecken für Texte und Bilder, für die ich sonst im Moment keinen passenderen Platz finde, die ich aber dennoch mitteilen und festhalten möchte.

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Catching up 16—>17 pt. 2

And we’re still in Summer 2016, catching up with some old stuff. With all this stuff happening right now so fast, this is kind of nice to go through some stuff again, take some time, write a little caption for each image. Kind of mesmerizing and calming. Anyway, enjoy.

Checking out a crazy good location for a group exhibition.

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Catching up 16—>17 pt. 1

Wow. It’s been more than one year since the last post. I have been busy with all kinds of private, study and work related stuff. The next blogs are all about catching up and just writing down all the stuff that has happened until now. (Now being at the point where i just finished my ba thesis with honors, looking to publish my first photobook and about to dive into the ocean of freelance work together with some great study friends.)

But lets start where we left the last time. About one full year ago.

Catching a break.

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Portfolio: Paris 2012

A revised series of very old pictures from paris in 2012 can now be found on my website. Some haven’t been published anywhere yet. All film, shot with my beloved Leica M6 and the chunky Kiev 88. Good, innocent times. Check out here


Good people leaving the campus for good. I took shots of the moment right before their final closing presentation. Thanks for the good times.


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Made in Western Germany

The summer is almost over. I have been pretty busy the last months with uni stuff, work, photo and layout commissions and family stuff. So not much time to post. Here is another post, the last pics from 2015. Enjoy.

Orange chair casually standing there.
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free free free

Printing some images for Olaf’s EDITION GRAINAU.

Olaf gave me his Hasselblad to shoot and i shot some B/W rolls at home. But when developing this roll i poured in 260ml (which is the amount of dev i use for 36exp film) instead of 500ml by mistake. Since i dev with Xtol i use to move the tank quite often, so the whole film got developed at least. But as you can see the left side here in this scan was facing up in the tank, not getting any of that sweet Xtol juice when resting between movements. The left side is about 2 stops underexposed. no biggie.
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Catching up.


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Here and there

And here comes the next batch, fall 2015. Enjoy!
HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10849Family time

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