01/2014: Between the years

This is the rest of 2013 and what happened in november and december. All 35mm, all b&w film. Have fun!
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i5821One bad thing about winter, it gets dark at about 4pm. i5848Neustadt > Nuremberg. Konica Hexar AF, Trix @ 1600 in HC-110. i5845I did some experimenting that resulted in a pretty long dev time. So, harsh contrasts = bad tonal range = dense negs = massive grain. i5831 i5829 i5823Reading. i5865Two shots from a roll of regular Tri-X- Ida in class.i5887i5893 i5894Erlangen night.i5895 i5901Having coffee at our grandmas place. i5899Just as one would imagine it.i5907 i5911 i5916-2Mother and daughter.i5917Coffee break?i5925 i5930Stephan is mostly shooting new APX 400 these days that he was gifted, so i got curious and shot a roll too. Prof. Schopper during film class, discussing our commercial projects. i5933X. So, APX in the Hexar, Rodinal 1+25. i5935More illustration stuff.i5939 i5940Wednesday nights graphic design class.i5942The next day, we decided so shoot some quick footage stuff for our commercial to replace our animatic. Way faster and way more flexible.i5943 i5945Fresh paint WALLS! i5947Now thats a real camera.i5952End of a romance? i5954I like how his jacket matches the needles and the trash can matches the booths. Just geeky stuff…i5957 i5958Funny scene.i5962 i5963He passed by running and i noticed his broken briefcase in the blink of an eye. Quite a close call, but that kind of is what all this is about.i5964 i6965Another Tri-X @ 1600, still a tiny bit too warm, but were getting there…i6970 i6971Actually, i like the Christkindlesmarkt, tough it gets very very crowded as soon as it gets dark. But its a great spot for getting to know and taking photos of interesting people. i6974 i6975Lost pug.i6977K4 darkroom, where ill probably hang out more often soon.i6978Waitingi6979Movingi6981And more waiting againi6982 i6983i6989Santa and his puppy? need a cig break too.i6993 i6994Next round.i6998This was supposed to be about the font.i6999 i7004Regular Tri-Xi7005Getting some supplies.i7006Back at uni. Michi, who is a professional sports photographer, was quite surprised by how quick and silent the Hexar is. Guess he’ll have to get one since he’s looking for a everyday camera and its just a badass camera. i7007Discussing some ideas for our podcast. i7008Michis D700 with some older 35 nikon lens.i7012Tanja, always being curious.i7016I dont even know who took this one.i7022Ludwig drawing.i7023Max working on his “Typemonster”, which is like a character built only with letters and numbers, and then animated and then composed.i7024Stephan and i decided to scan some of his rolls from last summer instead.i7025Emmai7028Nico impressing the girls and Jonas recording the card-flipping with some 1000fps App. i7030Sebastiani7033 i7039Finishing i7040_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110Guess what. Got me an M6 again. Tadaaa. Chrome one with MP lever. Ran out of film and bought some cheapo HP5+ at the store (=7.95€ lol) for the night. @1600 in HC-110. I waited for Stephan to pick me up for a vernissage.
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i7042_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7043_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110Several pieces from current and graduating students were merged to this big exhibition.i7044_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110This left wall shoes selected pieces of analog photography and experiments with film from the 2nd semester. It was interesting too see what we will be doing in spring. One year from now, this could be our exhib.i7046_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110.jpg i7048_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110Besides framed work, there was a load of great photo books to read.i7050_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7053_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110Dinner with Olgas family. i7058_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7060_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC1101i7061_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC1102i7062_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC1103i7069_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110We played some poker later.i7070_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7072_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7073_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7075_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110 i7077_M6_CBIO_HP5_1600_HC110Neustadt christmas market. i7082_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Some Delta 400.i7083_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110 i7084_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Christmas shopping. i7087_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110 i7090_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Fellows of the elderly.i7093_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Shooting day! Our commercial takes place in a big clothing store. Arriving on location at 8am.i7094_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110 i7098_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Fabian, one of our two great actors, trying on some clothes and shoes for the shoot that the store lend us for that day.i7100_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Simon and Nico checking the scene and camera position.i7101_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Checking the animatic again.i7102_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Sibylle doing some make-up.i7103_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Bernd taking care of props.i7107_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110 i7108_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110I somehow managed to get all 8 of us in 1 photo.i7109_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110 i7113_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110They are coming!i7114_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110We were shooting some footage outdoors, i had to park my car in a parking space while nico was filming from the other side of the street. I tried to capture the team from inside the car but somehow the hexars af didnt let me…i7115_HEXAR_DELTA400_HC110Astrid, our beautiful actress, discussing final instructions for the last scene. In the scene, Astrid is shouting and screaming at me parking the car like an idiot. This was right in the inner city district, so there were quite a few people thinking this was an actual fight and i was actually that stupid. Awesome moment! i7119_M6_TRIX1600_HC110Hanging out at uni. M6 with a tri-x @ 1600. i7120_M6_TRIX1600_HC110 i7121_M6_TRIX1600_HC110Julian leading another course choosing meeting. 50 students in total + 3 courses for each student + a max of about 15 students per course = fights and tears. We’ll hug it out of course!i7123_M6_TRIX1600_HC110 i7127_M6_TRIX1600_HC110 i7125_M6_TRIX1600_HC110I got sick.i7128_M6_TRIX1600_HC110At Christkindlesmarkt with Tanja, Lenny and Michi. Punsch for me since a was still sick. i7131_M6_TRIX1600_HC110The Feuerzangenbowle is located right at the riverside and attracts lots of seagulls so we thought it would be dead cool to get one of them to pick up some of Tanjas sandwich right from her hand.i7132_M6_TRIX1600_HC110So we waited…i7133_M6_TRIX1600_HC110 …and waited…but nothing happened. Damn seagulls!i7134_M6_TRIX1600_HC110i7144_M6_TRIX1600_HC110 i7147_M6_TRIX1600_HC110 i7149_M6_TRIX1600_HC110A glass i7152_M6_TRIX1600_HC110i7153_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110Some other day between the years. Fixing my grandmas bed. i7154_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110 i7155_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110 i7156_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110After that, we visited my sister and her boyfriend in Erlangen. (regular tx again) i7157_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110Spying kitty.i7158_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110Börge assembling the new bed frame.i7160_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110Andrea making delicious tea.i7162_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110 i7163_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110 i7164_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110classic i7165_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110 i7173_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110Fighting with flares. i7176_HEXAR_TRIX_HC110Thats it, have a blessed year 2014!


Oliver sagt:

Wie immer großartige Momentaufnahmen! Vor allem deine Uni-Fotos transportieren eine tolle Stimmung (und ich komme wieder ins grübeln ob ich nicht auch noch ein Studium angehen sollte).

Warum hast du wieder eine M6 gekauft, vermisst du an der M2 etwas?

fractal art sagt:

It was a delight running into your site.

fantasy sagt:

Really glad I came across this

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