Some pics from an older roll of Tri-X @ 2000 ISO.i10707_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL

i10708_M2_TRIX2000_XTOLAt the photo class graduates vernissage back in spring. Great great images and photo books. The latest photo graduates works from about a month ago aint got game compared to this stuff. Sadly, dept. internal disturbances always tend to affect the students performances in the end, no matter what they tell you.

i10710_M2_TRIX2000_XTOLThe place was K4 Künstlerhaus, nice place for exhibitions.i10711_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL i10712_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL Fabians series “look at me” was probably my favourite.i10715_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL Some people in a bar.i10716_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL So heres the pro tip: Scan hard pushed film as raw positive and do invertion and curves in PS for better results. This was shot at about ISO 2000 and devd in Xtol 1:1 for about 17mins with normal agitation.i10717_M2_TRIX2000_XTOLi10718_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL Going home.i10722_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL I shot some frames with ND filter +2 that basically makes the film a regular tx400 again that just needs longer development. Simple stuff.i10725_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL i10726_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL i10727_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL public pool mens changing room.i10729_M2_TRIX2000_XTOL