i10242_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO400_QUI took some shots for RITUALE series. This one is at Nürnberg Hauptmarkt, Schöner Brunnen under construction.

i10248_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA1600_WOVolksfest. Some guys overlooking the place. Pusehd Portra or Fuji or so.i10255_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA1600_WO i10260_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO1600_WOThis guy seemed not intrigued by the fancy lights and colors. I guess its a pretty hard business. Thinking about doing a documentary project about showmen somewhat in the future.i10266_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO1600_WOYouths meeting point.i10271_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO400_WOWe stumbled into a demonstration against “Besorgte Bürger” and i only brought the Rolleiflex.
i10263_unbenannt-2Took some shots of Bastis surprise present he was gifted by Tobi and Beppo. This poster actually was up for 10 days or so lol.i10274_unbenanntSome shots from BIERKULTUR series, also photoclass semester 4.
i10310_unbenannt-2 i10301_unbenannt-2I decided that a wanted to capture some classic still and portrait shots of some places.i10314_unbenannt IMG_8344Visited about 6 different Biergärten and Kneipen and got to know some nice people. This project was done in a 2 week period.i10293_HEXAR_TRIX_XTOLSome classic oldschool BW stuff for a change. I walked by this building and needed to take a shot. This leftover glue looks like and abstract painting. Back in May 2015.i10307_HEXAR_TRIX_XTOLAnother demonstration.i10312_HEXAR_TRIX_XTOL i10313_HEXAR_TRIX_XTOLTook the picture of these 4 police cars…i10314_HEXAR_TRIX_XTOL…and this one about half an hour later.i10320_HEXAR_TRIX_XTOLIt means congratulations. Actually i’m learning russian which is a lot of fun. Lots of swearing also.i10310_unbenanntAnother series i’m working on (yes, i’m shooting A LOT), about technical aesthetics, geometry, pragmatic design.i10283_MAMIYA7_PORTRA400_WOThese two shots are from a series called BEICHTGELEGENHEIT 17 UHR which i may be putting on the website also. I take pictures of different confessional boxes in churches. Its quite interesting since a have the chance to talk to some priests and acolytes to get some more info on the chruches, the boxes and their stories.i10287_MAMIYA7_PORTRA400_WOSomething about the field of sacral topics fascinates me and im thinking of doing another series. This one above is very classical structure, 6×7 all the way, very architectonic approach. Not sure about the next one.
i10289_unbenannt-2And here’s fall 2015. See you soon!