Happy new year 2016. Catching up with the blog.

i10601_MJU2_EKTAR_DM Julian and Basti i10610_MJU2_EKTAR_DM Anselm in his studio

i10621_MJU2_EKTAR_DM Visiting AdbK i10630_MJU2_EKTAR_DM Visiting Munich in the summer. i10634_MJU2_EKTAR_DM   i10637_MJU2_EKTAR_DM From IDENTITY series i10638_MJU2_EKTAR_DM   i10655_MJU2_EKTAR_DM   i10656_MJU2_EKTAR_DM A place i found. i10661_MJU2_EKTAR_DM   i10671_MJU2_PARA400_DM Visiting Prague i10672_MJU2_PARA400_DM   i10677_MJU2_PARA400_DM Sightseeing stuff. i10678_MJU2_PARA400_DM   i10695_MJU2_PARA400_DM The famous EUROHOTDOG? i10696_MJU2_PARA400_DM   i10706_MJU2_PARA400_DM Wedding photographer getting busy. i10709_HEXAR_PARA400_DM Olga and Larissa
  i10717_HEXAR_PARA400_DM Stefanie i10718_HEXAR_PARA400_DM Andrea i10721_HEXAR_PARA400_DM   i10727_HEXAR_PARA400_DM Leftover Prague frames from the Hexar. i10730_HEXAR_PARA400_DM What a beautiful place at night! i10734_HEXAR_PARA400_DM   i10735_HEXAR_PARA400_DM And also at during the day, though i was not quite interested in the typical tourist shots. I prefer the boring everyday scene since it can tell you more about a certain place i think. i10736_HEXAR_PARA400_DM Nice light i10738_HEXAR_PARA400_DM   IMG_7552 Some older commissionned stuff IMG_7562 I like this IMG_7970   IMG_7971 Portrait from the HEIMAT series. IMG_8354   IMG_8357 More commission stuff. IMG_8383   IMG_8406 They taught the kids how the inside of a church organ works. Here we are literally inside the organ. IMG_8714 Nuremberg Symphonics IMG_8741-Bearbeitet   IMG_8746 Waiting for the show. IMG_8747   IMG_8851 Then the rain started ROLLEIFLEX35F_BW400CN_ROD100-10592 Various tyoes of clay. stereotypen-58 Another commission for Künstlerhaus (Thanks Simona!) stereotypen-68   stereotypen-75