Hello. Here come some rooty tooty fresh and fruity pictures for your amusement. Enjoy.

DSC_0135Early morning somewhere in Germany last fall.

FUJIGA645ZI_PORTRA400_QU-10815Some scenes from Oktoberfest 2015. I was in Munich visiting photographer Olaf Unverzart and decided to shoot some rolls with the Fuji 645 before my train back.
FUJIGA645ZI_PORTRA400_QU-10818Nice still
FUJIGA645ZI_PORTRA400_QU-10822Perfect summer weather
FUJIGA645ZI_PORTRA400_QU-10827Bro love
i10260_unbenanntSomeone forgot a note reading “layering” inside a lib photo book.
i10268_unbenanntSome stills i shot for a study project about artificiality of nature and architecture.
i10298_unbenannt3. Maybe ill make big prints of those.
i10732_unbenanntRandom nice sunset.
i10735_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_RODTwo frames with re Rolleiflex.
i10736_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_RODHorses enjoying the evening sun.
i10737_unbenanntchurch information board detail
i10739_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_RODWall structure
i10743_unbenanntMy hood in one picture
i10754_unbenanntOlja in a pretty dress surrounded by ugly Nuremberg dirt.
i10757_unbenanntMunich studio from the street
i10758_unbenanntKiller shirt
i10759_unbenanntWelcome to the modern world
i10760_unbenanntDetail of Olafs Benz
i10762_unbenanntToilet mirror self with some contacts in the background
i10764_unbenanntPlanning the arrangement of some prints. All had to be printed, cut, framed, numbered, signed and packed. Nice, physical work.
i10773_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO160NC_DMMystical door
i10776_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO160NC_DMSome birdies
i10778_ROLLEIFLEX35F_FUJIPRO160NC_DMFrom a series i started working on. Actualle the negs are pretty fucked up because the film was like 10 years beyond its exp date :/ Also i dont like the composition that much. I really should try shift lenses for that kind of work.
i10787_ROLLEIFLEX35F_BW400CN_RODSome friends started a skate workshop for some refugee kids. I dropped by to hang out (too clumsy to kickflip) and take some shots to give to the boys. What a nice nice afternoon with great people. Fuck politics man
i10790_ROLLEIFLEX35F_BW400CN_RODThey also got to keep some old decks.
i10795_FUJIGA645ZI_ACROS_HC110Classic starbucks
i10802_FUJIGA645ZI_ACROS_HC110Some building
i10805_MAMIYA7_BW400CN_RODBamberg tourist shot
i10807_MAMIYA7_BW400CN_RODPeople. Shot these with the Mamiya 7, some old BW400CN and Rodinal 1+100. Results are OK but not that fancy.
i10844_FUJIGA645ZI_FUJIPRO160C_QULeftover frame from Oktoberfest. Fav
IMG_8947Night still. ISO quadzillionIMG_8965Klassik Open Air at Luitpoldhain park. HQ classical music for free, about 70k thousand people came to hang out. Wow. Too much for me
IMG_9137Visiting some friends
IMG_9166Picture of grampa t my grandmas apartment.
IMG_9208I shot some frames of hand-drawn figured portraials on showmen cars at the local fair. Normally you just walk past those, but on closer inspection, the are quite, well, terrifying.
IMG_9247Three digitals from the skate workshop.
IMG_9266Gruop photo
IMG_9275Do you recognize them?
IMG_9284showman girl walking her dog in the evening. Stay tuned.