Here and there

And here comes the next batch, fall 2015. Enjoy!
HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10849Family time


HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10851Volksfest time
HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10856people <3HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10861vuescan gave upHEXAR_PARA400_DM-10864Hanging out with nice people
HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10868health – not this guys motto
HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10871nice Volkswagen
HEXAR_PARA400_DM-10873demo route getting set upi10912_HEXAR_PARA400_DMreligions

i10916_HEXAR_PARA400_DMMike and Olga

i10921_HEXAR_PARA400_DMfor my collection of killer shirts

i10932_HEXAR_PARA400_DMFamily party
i10935_HEXAR_PARA400_DMof course with dancing!
i10937_HEXAR_PARA400_DMand drinking!
i10938_HEXAR_PARA400_DMeven on the way home you need some fuel!
i10941_HEXAR_PARA400_DMview out of our hotel room the next morning
i10944_HEXAR_PARA400_DMbefore heading back, we visited a nearby castle ruin
i10945_HEXAR_PARA400_DMthis view (Mosel river) was worth it. Got this one (Hexar and cheap film) and digitals, but still prefer the film shots. Will make a big cheesy print.
i10946_HEXAR_XP2_RODOlaf in the studio

i10949_HEXAR_XP2_RODMunich last fall.
i10950_HEXAR_XP2_ROD5 vs 4
i10952_HEXAR_XP2_RODAt a FOTODOKS discussion
i10953_HEXAR_XP2_RODeveryday subway
i10954_HEXAR_XP2_RODAdbK Nürnberg back home
i10956_HEXAR_XP2_RODpissing guy
i10959_HEXAR_XP2_RODOlaf and a big Matterhorn print we installed for a Vernissage at Starnberg historical train station depot.
i10962_HEXAR_XP2_RODlunch break
i10965_HEXAR_XP2_RODStarnberger See
i10969_HEXAR_XP2_RODOlaf and the mountains

i10972_HEXAR_XP2_RODAlso Munich
More to come!