Rekorde der Planeten

Hey everyone, after two months, here is a little update.
School: Semester 4 is over by now, projects are graded and books printed. For the upcoming semester i am looking for an internship or assistance for 6+ months. I already got in touch with some great photographers, we’ll see where i will end up spending the winter season.i10063_HEXAR_PRECISA_DM

Work: I took pictures for several projects, some uni-related, some free, and doing some concept work for new projects. Also i’m already thinking of stuff that may be interesting to work on as a degree thesis. Furthermore, i had some small commissions of course and i currently spend a lot of time layouting PDF and print portfolios and designing photo books. Graphic and typography studies sure come in handy here… The process of curating and presenting your work is a whole other thing besides the actual taking of images, and i love it very much. Self-criticism is quite helpful for artists and designers. Well, for any kind of job i guess.

Web: I customized the blog a litte. This is because i feel that in the near future i will not be able to post such huge articles like i did the past two years. Splitting up the mass of stories and pictures is kind of a step backwards (since that is how it all began) and forwards at the same time, making it possible for me to quickly share new stories or projects that i am currently working on. Also, single pictures or series get a better platform and are not drowned by hundreds of others pictures within a single post. And well, i hope i will be able to feature more recent work instead of stuff that happened like months ago. In fact, some frames in this post are still from before semester 4, which like i mentioned above is already over. The periods between blog posts obviously will become shorter, too. Besides that, i also do a little code fiddling for the website these days, looking for a decent style to present new series and work stuff. I’d be glad to get some feedback on that, too.
I think that is about it for now, so check out these surprisingly few images.

Lazy times, studying some art and selecting images for a series. Slide film ist just something else…i10058_HEXAR_PRECISA_DMi10060_HEXAR_PRECISA_DMA final shot of both Leicas together.i10069_HEXAR_PRECISA_DMHey!i10059_HEXAR_PRECISA_DM


i10075_HEXAR_PRECISA_DMHad a nice lunch at CoDung. Hail to the Hexars meter!

i10081_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA400_WOA still i shot for “Schöner  Süden” series.

i10146_HEXAR_TMY_HC110And this would be the opening class of semester 4 back in april.

i10158_HEXAR_TMY_HC110Met Elmas at gallery defet.

i10160_HEXAR_TMY_HC110Heinrich Völkel talked about his commission and Ostkreuz work and other stuff.


i10162_HEXAR_TMY_HC110That guy goes places i guess…

i10163_HEXAR_TMY_HC110Photo talk with Benno and Stephan.

i10176_HEXAR_TMY_HC110Records of the planets poster next to some bavarian state medals. A funny detail i had to capture during my visit at the Zirndorf refugee camp where i shot a still series.

i10194_HEXAR_PARA400_DMOther stuff. I like to hangout at the local library, browsing through photo books and reading articles. A great place to get inspired and to ease down a bit. Seems like somebody drew a dick in a Juergen Teller book. Beautiful stuff.

i10204_HEXAR_PARA400_DMCosima built this neat coffee pad vending machine for the common room.



i10217_HEXAR_PARA400_DMAnother “exhibition” at Dokumentationszentrum. Actually just some prints on tables since there is no real room with walls to mount on. Probably why it was free.

i10218_HEXAR_PARA400_DMi10224_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA400_QUAt an allotment near the stadium, shooting some stuff for photo class with Chris.i10228_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA400_QU
i10179_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_XTOL_rawSome Portraits i took for HEIMAT series, Arian and Frouhar.

i10233_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA400_QULovely Elmas on the left.

i10235_ROLLEIFLEX35F_PORTRA400_QUStay tuned!

Update 1
Check out if you’re interested: Chris’ site and Elmas’ tumblr