Hey. These days are very long and i am more or less busy all the time. I’m currently in Munich for an internship as assistant of photographer Olaf Unverzart. Also i work on the side and i try to shoot a lot. Small commissions and personal projects. Got a 6×6 again, a Yashica Mat 124G since its cheaper than the Rolleiflex. I am also in need fot a Ricoh GR since im doing kind of a travel log of my everyday route Nuremberg<->Munich. Let me know if you know something please.
Here are some pictures from the last months, all film this time but all kinds of formats and film types. For some rolls of Arista/TX i tried out a diy monobath developer which i like a lot. Very contrasty and rich negatives, although not perfect for archiving i think. Anyway, have fun with this entry.

i10331_HEXAR_ARISTA_MONOBATH Some random frames from the summer. Tried the diy monobath again, i think the results are pretty nice.

i10336_HEXAR_ARISTA_MONOBATH Enjoying the warm days.




i10355_MJU2_EKTAR_DM bus

i10386_MJU2_EKTAR_DM fruit salad

i10395_MJU2_EKTAR_DM Julian

i10399_MJU2_EKTAR_DM Basti and Simona talking about typo stuff. This was about half a year ago when wo got some information about the intership (which we are currently being in until next spring)

i10420_HEXAR_TRIX_MONOBATH Walk it off



i10453_MAMIYA7_TMY_XTOL After Rock im Park 2015 i wanted to document the aftermath and shot some rolls with the Mamiya. The weather was shit and i was inda sick already, but i think it gives the images a nice dark touch.

i10458_MAMIYA7_TMY_XTOL When the party is over and everyone’s sobered up, they just leave. This is whats left, all kinds of tends, seats, bottles, food, and lots of garbage.

i10459_MAMIYA7_EKTAR_QU One frame from the day before. The security is blocking the whole area around the festival.

i10475_MAMIYA7_FUJIPRO400_QU For a beer.


i10484_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_XTOL The other day, i did some shots for a photo class project. While i wanted to capture the architecture and feel of car rental places, i stumbled upon some wrecked or damaged cars. So i decided to shoot a small still series with the Rolleiflex.


i10494_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_ROD Anselm, illustrator/graphic designer/cgi artist

i10501_ROLLEIFLEX35F_TMY_ROD Jonas and Nicki


i10509_MAMIYA7_FUJINPH400_QU A still i love. Some very old Fuji 400.


i10554_MJU2_TRIX_MONOBATH Visitng Prague.


i10564_MJU2_TRIX_MONOBATH Olympus mju 2 (light leaks :/ ) + trix + monobath = yeah!


i10575_MJU2_TRIX_MONOBATH Love those stores.


i10586_MJU2_TRIX_MONOBATH So long!